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ARNOLD VENTURE GROUP is a Pacific Northwest based venture capital firm which invests in innovative companies from seed through the growth stages of development. We seek to partner with high-quality management teams in sectors that a create the greatest opportunities for growth and disruption within our economy.



“Passion and curiosity will get you halfway there. Grit and tenacity will carry you the rest of the way.” – Anonymous

About Us

Robert M. Arnold

FOUNDER: Robert M. Arnold
Robert M. Arnold was one of the Northwest’s most respected and successful angel and venture investors. His first career was in the banking industry; it was during his time as an executive with Seafirst National Bank that he developed the analytical skills to dissect the finances of a business deal. In the 1980s, he followed his natural attraction to the entrepreneurial spirit and shifted his focus to the exciting world of early stage venture investing. His passion for the development of fresh business ideas and his unique ability to understand the intangibles of a deal, including the effect of the different personalities involved, set him apart and made him a favorite in the venture community. Over the next 30 years, he honed his venture investing skills, cultivated important business connections, and played an integral part in the financial growth of many companies that are still among the area’s most prominent. The experience and insights he accumulated during his impressive career and his passion for investing in quality entrepreneurs are the foundation that Arnold Venture Group was built on.


Cole Younger

Cole Younger
Cole Younger is the managing director of Arnold Venture Group. He has lived and worked in the Pacific Northwest for the majority of his life and received his degrees from the University of Washington. After graduation, he worked for two local venture firms, Pacific Horizon Ventures and Bancshares Capital. In 2007, he founded Vintage Lane Venture Partners, an RIA firm that specialized in direct angel and venture capital investments for family offices and individuals. During his tenure with VLVP, he oversaw all facets of the firm including sourcing, negotiating and monitoring of direct investments, as well as monitoring and advising of existing client venture portfolios. In his role at Arnold Venture Group, Cole spends the majority of his time assessing new investment opportunities and working with portfolio companies.

Outside of work, he is married and has three sons. He enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his boys’ sports teams, and is an avid fly fisherman.


“Without action, the world would still be an idea.” – Georges Doriot

Investment Strategy

We look to leverage our resources, knowledge and network to assist our portfolio companies in achieving their objectives. As a company grows, so do the opportunities and challenges. We seek to be there each step of the way.

We are not a fund, which gives us the flexibility to invest in our portfolio companies over the long run. This structure supports growth opportunities and aligns our interest with the entrepreneurs we back.

Although we consider investment opportunities across the country, our focus is here in the Pacific Northwest, one of the world’s largest hubs of technology and innovation.

Our experience has taught us that people make the difference. We look for entrepreneurs that have passion, deep domain knowledge and strong operational skills.

We primarily invest in very early to expansion-stage companies, but will also invest in mature companies with significant growth opportunities.

Our firm employs an opportunistic approach to investing, but specific areas of interest include information technology, software, infrastructure and business intelligence applications. In addition, we are interested in companies that have more traditional lines of business but are applying technology and innovation to disrupt their current markets.



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